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With the help of our consortium of data partners, GDC is providing multinational companies with global identity verification via one point of access.

A Single Source for International Identity Verification

The market for global electronic identity verification is big and growing rapidly. Banks need it so customers can open online accounts quickly no matter their home country. eCommerce marketplaces are using it for due diligence on new sellers, driving down fraud by making sure they are who they say they are. Even social networks are seeing the benefits of verifying the identities of their members to keep out bad actors.

Multinational companies that rely on global identity verification services have not been able to find one point of access, a service that meets their requirements for providing the most countries, the right data elements, and the depth of coverage they need.

GDC continues to expand our consortium of data partners, looking for best in-country sources of information to integrate directly into our Data as a Service platform to help meet this growing market demand.


Over 50 Countries


1,000+ Expert Data Partners


Localized Data

The Partners Who Make Up the Consortium

Local expertise is a big part of the GDC difference. Our partners have access to more data sources with wider coverage of their country populations, and they have the local knowledge to help GDC clients understand best practices for using the information.

Each partner has deep local knowledge, a key requirement when working with a service that spans many languages, alphabets, and business customs. By serving clients in their home countries, they are familiar with the legal and political environment and are experts in their country’s data privacy regulations.

Our data partners represent a wide range of businesses, from large credit bureaus to small data quality firms. Each collects, maintains, and distributes identification data in their own country. Each also provides instant access to this data through GDC’s global electronic identity verification platform.

The Technology

GDC uses cloud-based technology to integrate directly with our partners’ systems. This is Data as a Service. Because the data resides on their servers (instead of sending raw data across jurisdictional borders), our partners are able to provide access to more data elements that get refreshed more frequently.

For partners whose data is not available to access through cloud-based API’s, GDC provides a technology enablement service to host and maintain the data on servers in their country. We can also deploy an API service to run in their environment, allowing them to maintain full control while making their data accessible to the GDC platform.

Partner Benefits

Most in-country data controllers are selective with partnering. They want to do business with parties they trust, and they want to participate in the benefits of the partnership. GDC understands this. We invest in our data partners, establishing deep relationships and giving them the ability to make their information available on our platform. By partnering with GDC and becoming a member of the Consortium, data partners have access to the following benefits:

We provide the technology to make data available to customers all over the world from our one single platform.

We provide access to a broader market through our marketing and distribution programs, paying fair royalties that reflect the value of services.

Perhaps most importantly, each data partner in the consortium gets access to resell the global services we offer.

GDC is committed to bringing together the best sources for global electronic identity verification, and to ensuring our sources comply with all applicable data privacy laws and regulations. So we put our partners through a comprehensive process of vetting and testing before integrating their services into the platform. Interested in becoming a data partner in the Global Data Consortium?

Global Data Consortium

For businesses that need to know the identities of their customers all over the world, we provide a single access point to local, high-quality reference data via our cloud-based platform.

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